As I Wait For Paint To Dry…

Some of you may be aware of my background – my training is in horticulture, and I worked for more than 15 years as a production greenhouse grower.
This time of the year always brings back memories of that work. Mother’s Day was always the turning point for the year. After propagating and seeding all winter, the plants were ready and business started to pick up. What followed was 13 weeks of hell – long hours just trying to keep things irrigated and alive. Then, all of a sudden, summer. For most, summer means vacation, but in the growing industry, it means getting ready for the holiday crops. Mainly Poinsettias. Imagine planting Christmas crops when it’s 100F!

As much as I enjoyed the solitude of that work, I don’t miss it that much. It prevented me from enjoying many things in my life, and I’m glad for where it finally lead me.

Painting has always been in my soul, and while every day isn’t always easy, there are always more good days than bad. Today, I would term as a “decent” day. The brush is cooperating with me, and I don’t see a lot of cat hair dried into my canvas so far.

I hope everyone has a great week. Thanks for stopping by here!

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