Cerulean Blue and Light Blue Violet

Canvas 3 of 14 is done and hanging on the wall. I’m quickly running out of space and won’t be occupying my new studio unitl July 1st.

I’m coming to the end of this series. I will probally do 2 more, giving me a total of 5, and then I have to start on the next series. The exhibit space that I will be going into is divided into 2 narrow rooms, so I have a little bit of leway as to theme, but I still have to be conscious of flow and continuity. It’s a challange but one that I welcome.

I went downtown to check out the SoWa market in Boston. My main goal was to see how other painters had their booths set up, and just to get some display ideas. I have until September to get that organized, but at least there are some ideas starting to formulate.

I hope everyone is doing well and wish a good week to all!

Thank you for visiting me!

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