The Show Must Go On…Hopefully

It hasn’t been the best of weeks. First of all, we are going through a major heatwave in New England. For the past week, it has been constantly in the high 90s (32C) and only cooling down to the 70s (21C) at night. The humidity has been so high, that it feels even hotter than it is. It makes it tough to do anything physical. On top of that, I’ve been a little under the weather, but all said and done, I have gotten a good deal of work done so far.

Since I am in a studio setting on a regular basis now, I want to make it a point to show exactly what my process is and what is happening every week. I have a morbid curiosity about everything – how and why things work – so, I have no fear at showing a canvas in mid process. I don’t know if anyone has realized it, but the piece that is my header now, is actually one of my practice or study canvases. Just one to try out ideas on before I commit to the real thing. I think it’s very fitting, and I have no problems with “exposing” myself. I have no secrets.

The great Brazilian painter, Caio Fernandes, once asked me if I had studied Muslim or Portuguese aesthetic. The answer was no, but I understood why he had asked the question. Some of this week’s examples are variations of the design that he was talking about. The original idea came from a wrought-iron fence that I saw when walking into town. It’s a very simple element, but it caught my eye, and I decided to give it my own twist. The orange one is finished, and as you can see, I’ve started into the next one.

Everything is on the walls now. The ones on the right are complete – varnish and all. The ones on the left need to be wired, touched up and varnished. That’s why they are hanging a little bit lower.

Tomorrow is already Thursday, and I pray to the universe that the heat breaks and that some good luck comes my way. I have only 4 weeks to get a lot of work done.

As always, thank you for stopping by here, I appreciate it!

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