Market Activity and Down to the Wire

Last weekend’s market went well. Even though it was brutally hot, there was plenty of foot traffic for ArtBeat, and it was good to make new contacts and even a few sales.

I shared a table with the beautiful and talented Gabriella Mirollo. She is an established poet and photographer, and just happens to be the main inspiration for everything that I do. She will have a web presence very soon, so stay tuned.

There are exactly 20 days left until I hang my show at Christoper’s in Cambridge. I am on schedule and will even have some breathing room right at the very end to make sure everything is absolutely perfect.

Canvases 11 and 12 are going to be larger versions of the Skulls series. The first one is a play on the typical traffic light design (red, yellow, green) that you see around the world. I have just added some whimsy to it in my own morbid way.

I am already looking forward to the fall markets which start in September. Again, there will be a lot of preparation for them.

Also, I am planning something special and something big for all of you. I will have more information in my future weekly posts.

I hope everyone has had a good week! Welcome to all of my new followers!

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