And The Winner Is…

Today was giveaway day here at the Inkpunk Artworks studio. I had help from my two lovely assistants – Gabriella and Little P.

Little P did her best to validate and make sure the names were in the hat properly and that everything was legal and on the up and up, and Gabriella let her hands do the magic and picked the winner.

Out of 10 entrants, the well deserved prize goes to none other than Manon Doyle!

Manon was one of my earliest followers, and I admire her for many reasons. First and foremost, is that her positive energy is infectious. If you visit her here on Blogspot or Facebook, it is immediately apparent that she has a real passion for what she does. She’s not one of those artists that hides away and broods all day, and her zest for life and community shines through with every post.

She is prolific in her creations, and I have always been attracted to the fact that she shares her process – whether it’s a good day or bad. So, thank you, Manon, for your inspiration and your energy! It gives me great pleasure to share my work with you.

To all of those who participated but missed out this time, I want to thank you as well along with all of my other followers. You all give me something to look forward to each day, and you help me light my creative flame each morning. Thank you everyone!

In the shot above, you can see some of the most recent canvases that I am working on. I am still in the process of getting ready for the first outdoor market date which is September 19. The tent arrived in the mail this week, so along with inventory, I/we have to consider booth set up as well. It’s a lot of work initially, but once things are set and in place, it will be smooth sailing.

Stay tuned…

Have a great weekend everyone!

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