Cooperation and Collaboration

Wow!  What a crazy and insane week it has been.  I’m almost to the point of saturation with the amount of things that I need to get done in the next couple of weeks.

The main event will be dates at the SoWa Market, which is Boston’s premiere “art and indie design market.”  We have until next Sunday the 19th to get all of our inventory complete.  The inventory is the easy part.  It’s all of the fine details that seem impossible to get a hold of sometimes.  It’s an exciting and insane time.  As of now, market dates are September 19, October 3, 10, 24 and 31.

I had the great pleasure of meeting local chair artisan, Scott Mulcahey this week.  He is the owner of Circa Chairs, and he and I will be collaborating on a piece.  I went to his home studio this past Tuesday to pick up the chair, and I was very pleased with the level of quality and craftsmanship that I saw.  He is a master at what he does!

The chair is a towering 52 inches (132.1 cm), and I am giving myself a week to digest the form before I start to layout a design.  This will be a new type of project for me, and I can’t wait to get started! Please take a look at Scott’s site for some amazing examples of his work.  I feel very fortunate to have this opportunity.

What you see now is a blank canvas, and I will post the complete progression as it happens, so stay tuned.

Thank you, Scott!

Another collaboration that happened to come my way this week is with Shana R. Goetsch from Baltimore.  Some of you may know her from her wonderful blogs, Art That Circles The Earth and On The Edge Of Art.  

I originally became aware of Shana’s work through my favorite Dutch artist Monica Croese from Momo Luna Signals, so I was very happy when Shana invited me to join in her mandala project.  We will be exchanging designs over the next couple of months with two complete pieces as the final result.  Again, I will post the progression as it evolves.  

Thank you, Shana, for your kindness! 

There is a happy chaos going on in the studio right now.  I hate to have so many canvases in process at one time, but it will all come to rest soon, and I will be able to refocus.  I decided to brighten the wall this week with a piece of artwork that my niece sent me, and I also put up some of my most prized possessions – my original Momo Lunas.  Both have brought a little bit of peace back to the studio.

I hope all of you have had a decent week.  I’m sure there will be much more to report next week here.  Thank you for stopping by!

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