November and Beyond

It’s official.  The end of the outdoor market season here in Boston was this past Sunday.  SoWa has a yearly Halloween blow-out that includes vendor and public costume contests.  Miss G and I did our best to look spooky and have as much fun as possible.

Because of all the revelry and distractions, the public wasn’t really in a buying mood.  Regardless, it was a great way to end a long season.  Now it’s time to sit back, reflect, and see what we can learn from this season’s experience.  See you next Spring, SoWa!

Right after Sunday’s market, it was straight into the studio on Monday to start preparing for this weekend’s Open Studio event.  I wanted to do a couple extra pieces to hang, and the above is the reverse of the original Liatris Mandala that I did some time ago.

The one on the left is the original black-background design that brought me into the current mandala phase that I am in.  It will be featured in a silent auction to benefit a local chamber orchestra in December, so I’m afraid that it will leave my hands.  This is one of the reasons that I wanted to do a new one.

The new one turned out to be a little more “tight” than the first one, and who knows, my preference might change.

Yes, as much as I want to sell canvases and clear my studio to make space for new creations, it’s always hard to let something go that near and dear to you.  I’m sure most of you know exactly what I mean.

I didn’t think I was going to be able to do it, but since I have the fire under me, the 48″ x 24″ (121.92 x 60.96 cm) piece of plywood that I started some time ago will be finished.  This is my first attempt at framing out and producing on a panel like this, and I have been pleased with the results so far.  I like the rigidity of the surface and the way it takes the paint.  Time will tell as to whether or not I do any more pieces like this.
It’s not 100% done as of late Thursday, but I will have time to do touch up and varnishing before Saturday.
Next week, I will have the full report on this weekend’s Open Studios with plenty of photos.  I am looking forward to taking a peek at everyone else’s work in the building.  This will be one of the rare times that all of the doors will be open for all to see.  As you can see, things are in disarray as we prepare, but it will be a fun weekend.
Before I go, a “thank you” to all of my new followers this week.  I update each and every Thursday, so please stop back by.  To my regular followers, I give you my continued appreciation and support.  Without you all, my journey would be a little less sweet!  
I hope every one has had a good week.  Until next time…take care, all!
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