Salon Indigo Opening

As promised, here are some photos from last night’s opening at Salon Indigo.  What a wonderful event we had!  Thank you Stephanie for your kindness and support, and thanks to all that showed up.  It was a pleasure to meet everyone!

The canvases will be up for one year and everything is for sale.  I told Stephanie that when a piece sells, I will send her a new one to replace it, so she will have a revolving exhibition.  Please contact the salon to set up an appointment to view the work, and please contact me if you have any questions or are interested in custom work.

Thank you again, Stephanie and all the good people of Charleston!

Gabriella and I will be making our travels back to Boston where we have some exciting opportunities waiting for us.  The two events on the near horizon are the silent auction to benefit the Boston Neo-Politan Chamber Orchestra  and the opening for the show at the Mingo Gallery.  The end of the year is going to be busy!

To all of my new friends –  I update this blog each and every Thursday, so please stop back by to see what I have been working on in the studio.  I encourage and appreciate comments, so please drop me a line!  You can always find me on Facebook  at Inkpunk Artworks.

And to all of my very special regular followers – it was good to hear from you all when I was on the road, thank you!

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