Home Again!

After a very nice trip down South to visit my family and to hang canvases at Salon Indigo, it’s straight back to the studio to work on the next group of paintings.

When I was at my mother’s house, I was drawn to a piece of glassware, that I had never really paid mind to before.  It’s designed to hold deviled eggs, and I’m sure she has had it for years, but only on this trip did it catch my attention.

Why after all of these years am I attracted to it now?  What has suddenly clicked in my life now that I am so enamored by Sacred Geometry?  Perhaps I never really paused and looked before.  This year has been very different in where my focus lies, and it amazes me how a simple change in direction can alter one’s gaze so dramatically.

I snapped some photos of the dish, and while I don’t intend on copying it verbatim, I will focus on the basic elements – 12 divisions, the elongated ovals, etc, and see where my own interpretation leads me.

Most of my past designs have been the result of a simple observation that leads to my own interpretation, and I am very happy with this way of working.  As I have said in a previous post, I will take reference photos and not look at them again.  By taking the initial photo itself, I think the impression is made and that is sufficient.

Gabriella and I had a great trip, and the people of Charleston are very open and kind.  The arts are appreciated and the pace is a little slower.  It was good to get away from the city for a short time, and it makes me appreciate things that much more.  We are planning a return trip in January.

I stopped into the studio very briefly today to unpack my kit and take stock of things.  Since I just left most of my inventory in Charleston, the walls are empty again, and I am looking forward to going into a new phase of production.  The above is a canvas that I started just before going away on holiday, and it will be one of the first things I work on.

I can’t believe it’s already Thursday!  This Saturday will be the silent auction in which one of my canvases will be featured.  I will be going to the event, so I will have lots to talk about next Thursday.  I set the starting bid pretty low, so I remain pretty confident that it will sell.  Let’s see what happens.

Next week I will have a full week of work to report on and maybe some new opportunities to talk about.  Even though the end of the year is fast approaching, I am doing everything to keep the momentum going so that I can hit the ground running when January 1 hits.

Until next week, thank you all for stopping by, I appreciate each and every one of you!

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