Moving Ahead and Rebirth

I post the above photo especially for my good friends Manon Doyle and Douglas Hoover.

There is nothing better than a fresh shipment of supplies.  I like the purity of new canvases, and having them on the walls helps me visualize and formulate goals.

The week was spent finishing up the second canvas of the Illumination series as well on working on some smaller 5″,  a 16″ and a lone 10″ that had been staring at me for some time.

The only deadline that I have now, is a market at the Burren on February 12th.  For that, I will be producing a number of my smaller pieces.

The artist’s market at the Burren was one of the very first markets that I did, and I am happy to return this year.  The reception has always been good, and it’s one of the only markets where the long hours of vending can be complimented by good food and drink.  It’s a perfect way to start the market season!

So, even though we are buried in snow here in New England, the creative energy is in full force.  Lot’s of opportunities are starting to pop up, and I will talk more about them as they materialize.

The wall slowly starts to fill up after most of my stock left me in November, and it gives me great pleasure to see it come to life again.  January is a perfect month for this rebirth.

Until next Thursday, I just want to thank you all for your continued support.  Your visits here mean a lot to me!

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