Scenes From Winter and Into February

We are still in the depths of winter here in Boston, and to add insult to injury, we had another 10″ inches of snow followed up by freezing rain.  Miss G and I were walking back from the studio last night, and she commented on how the landscape is starting to look surreal.

We have gotten so much snow, the streets are now lined with mounds that are at least 6 feet high.  I was out today, and the only thing that was standing higher than these mounds was my favorite tree.  I was looking at it and imagined it all flushed out in green foliage.

This week in the studio, I finished up the green Dahlia Dreams piece.  It’s a slightly new direction for me, and I can’t wait to see the design on a larger canvas.

All of the above canvases are 16″ x 16″, and I think they work well together.

As you can see, the first canvas of the Illumination series is back in the studio.  It was sold and made a very brief journey to Phoenix, Arizona and back.

For some reason or another, the client was not completely satisfied with it, so it’s back in my hands.  I was disappointed, but at the same time pleased that it would have the opportunity to hang on the wall with the other canvases in the series.  I started on Illumination No. 3 this week and have decided to make it a 5-part series.

The market at the Burren is coming up on the 12th and will be the first market activity of the season.  This year, Miss G and I are having our own separate vending tables, so that’s a good sign as to how far we have come along since last year.  It’s been slow going, but we are both making headway in our artistic careers, and I remain grateful for the opportunity and look forward to what the rest of the year will bring.

I do have some other good news in the works, but until things come to fruition, I would strongly encourage you all to bookmark the Zatista Wall Spin Blog and check it daily.  It’s a great site, and the posts are always lively and very relevant to the art world.  
Until next week, I leave you all with thoughts of spring.  For all of my friends living in more temperate climates, I leave you with opposite thoughts.  We have to keep the balance, right?
Wishing you all a very good weekend.  I will see you next Thursday.  Take care, all!
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