New Doors Will Open Wide

Yesterday was spent moving my things down the hall into my new studio.  The overall space is a little smaller, but I have four walls to work with now, not one.

I love starting out with a blank slate, and the options for different set ups.  My main goal was to get things into the space and in order, so I could get back to work.  The studio was previously occupied by a very talented abstract painter, so the good energy is already in place.

I tried to make very short work of the transition, as I didn’t want to lose more than a day’s worth of painting.  Today, it’s right back at it, and I will be making adjustments to the new set up as time goes on.  So far, so good!

My second guest post went up on the Wall Spin blog this morning.  It’s a short piece about photography, and if you have a few seconds, please hop on over and take a look.  Like I said before, it’s nice to have another outlet to write about other art topics, and I will let you know when a new post goes up.

Finally, I wanted to share the above photo with you.  It’s not often that I get to see my work after it leaves my hands, so when I received this photo the other day, I was pleased beyond words.  Stine Grove is an incredible musician from Copenhagen that I have been following for some time now.  I had the opportunity to send her some small pieces, and when they arrived, she sent me this photo.  To me, this is what it’s all about – sharing our artistic selves with one another.  Not necessarily always for profit, but just to extend our heart and soul.  That is a priceless feeling!  Thank you Stine!

Stine has a great web presence on Facebook and elsewhere.  Please check her out and show your support.

And with that, I leave you until next Thursday.  Welcome to all of my followers and thank you to all of my regular loyal blogfriends.  I couldn’t do it without you!     

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