Capture the Moment

“Portrait of Brian” by Damon Lehrer
 I was at my figure drawing session the other night, and we all took turns at modeling for each other.  My figure studies mentor, Damon Lehrer, did the above quick sketch of me, and for some reason, it brought my mind back to the hand colored photo of myself that hangs on my mother’s wall.  

“Mary Helen Reclining” by Brian Sylvester
I started my membership with the Boston Figurative Art Center just a couple of months ago, and prior to that, I had no formal drawing instruction.  The progress has been steady but slow, and I feel very fortunate to have the opportunity to hone my skills.  I have always looked for a sense of community among local artists, and Damon is doing a wonderful job at bringing us all together to create and socialize.  

This week in the studio, I finished up the fourth canvas in the Illumination series.  I have one more to do to wrap the series up and move onto something new.  
I also completed the 16″ x 16″ canvas that you see above.  It’s a color variation of the Bluebell design that I did a couple of weeks ago.
The show at the Mingo Gallery in Beverly, MA has been extended until the end of March, and Miss G and I went up to help Scott of Circa Chairs rearrange things in preparation for the final push.  
Scott is phenomenal in his energy and drive for promoting the arts.  He and I will be collaborating again at the end of the month on another chair.  I have seen some preliminary photos of the chair he is making for me, and the second one will be much different than the first one we did together.  I am looking forward to getting started on it!
With that, I will leave you all until next Thursday’s post.  I hope everyone has a great weekend!  As always, I appreciate your presence here, thank you!  
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