Into April

My newest guest post on the Wall Spin blog went up this week, and it’s entitled Journey to the East.  I have always been influenced by art from the East, and in the post, I talk about this influence.

Please take five minutes to hop over there and give it a read.  You can also comment on the site as well.  Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!

UPDATE:  After posting this morning, I noticed that another post of mine had been listed.  This one is on the study of the figure, and is worth a read too.  Thank you!

I can’t believe April 1st is almost here.  Time has been flying by lately, and I have about four weeks to get things in order for the upcoming open studios.  The pressure is on, but in the end, I will be able to pull it all together.

This week, I started to put some color down on the small table that I am doing for my friends.  It took some time to get it cleaned up and primed, so I was very happy to actually get to work on it.  The legs are going to be a rust oxide.

The wood panel that I have been working on isn’t finished yet, and it needs to be dropped off at the Somerville Museum on April 7.  It has to be done this week!

I have talked about it before, but I am alway searching for the right brush.  One that will hold up without cracking.  These blue-handled Princeton brushes have a very nice snap to them, but the handles start to chip after just a week’s worth of use.

I wrote the company to tell them about my problem, and they offered to send me some samples of one of their better series, as I think these blue ones are geared more towards”craft” work.  I look forward to seeing how the new ones hold up.

Do any of you have any suggestions for me?  I don’t like bristle, so they would have to be either a natural or synthetic hair.

I am very happy to say that it is finally starting to warm up here in Boston.  It has been one of the worst winters on record, and I am ready to shake off the cobwebs and get moving.  I need to do whatever I can to build momentum that will take me through the year and into the next.

Part of this momentum includes getting my name out there, getting as many eyes as I can on my work, and finding spaces and patrons that are a good fit.  It’s a tough road, but I am passionate about what I do, and plan to be doing it for a long time coming.

Until, next Thursday, I wish each and everyone of you a great weekend.  Thank you for stopping by here!

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