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As promised, this week’s post is a tribute to all of the generous souls that have chosen to have my work in their homes.

It’s not often that I get to see my canvases after they leave my hands, and I thought it would be a great idea to create an album showing their final resting spots.  This is just a start of what I hope will be a very large collection of photographs!

If you own my artwork and haven’t sent me photos yet, please do so.  briansylvesterart@gmail.com

Thanks goes out to all of you that answered my call for submission!

Barbara Callahan and Stephen Jennings – Cambridge, Massachusetts 
My good friends Barbara and Steve are patrons of the arts and are some of my most important supporters.

Anna Melniczuk – Budapest, Hungary  

Originally from Poland, she remains one of my favorite vocalists and can be found at Aneym.com. She is one of the powerful forces from Pure Bliss Vocals, and her music always brings me much joy.  Here is her Facebook page.

Anne Husky Lockard – Peru, Indiana 

Artist / blogger with a wicked sense of humor!  I love the arrangement she has here!

Damon Lehrer / Boston Figurative Art Center – Somerville, Massachusetts  

Damon is my drawing/painting mentor and the founder of the BFAC.  My work is hanging between work from the great Rick Berry, and I love how the figures seem to be gazing at my mandala.

Brad and Sandra Kiki Thom -Hamilton, New Jersey

Brad and Kiki are fellow bloggers and are down to earth and kind.  They create phenomenal artwork that always leaves me wanting more.

Caio Fern – Sao Paulo, Brazil

The brilliant artist, writer and philosopher from Brazil.  Caio was one of my earliest followers and has given me much good advice over the past couple of years.

Karen Sylvester – Winfield, West Virginia

My mother.  She is responsible for the creative fire that burns within me and has given me undying support my whole life.

Eric, Robin and Elayna Sylvester – Hurricane, West Virginia

My brother and his family.  This is one of my my earlier works, and it looks great against the wood grain of their living room wall.

Manon Doyle – Dublin, Ohio / Canada and beyond

Manon was another one of my earliest supporters, and over the years, I have come to respect and admire her and her work.  She is an established artist and a master at what she does!

William Connor – Cambridge, Massachusetts

My good friend William, who is another patron of the arts and one of my local supporters.

Scott and Robin Mulcahey – Beverly, Massachusetts 

Scott from Circa Chairs is a master artisan whom I collaborated with last year.  I already have another one of his new chairs in my studio waiting to be painted.

He and his wife Robin sent this quote along with the above photo:

“Robin and I prominently display this magnificent painting to the left of the door that leads to our private Idaho of a backyard.  As you know, it’s a pretty cool space with many colorful flowers with patterns.  We both find ourselves admiring your work daily, rain or shine.  We both thank you very much for this great work!”

Stine Grove – Copenhagen, Denmark

The beautiful and talented Danish vocalist Stine Grove is who I normally listen to when I am in the studio painting.  She has a huge world-wide following, yet she is humble and very giving.  I am very honored to have my work in her home.  Here is her main site and Facebook page.  Thank you, Stine!

Fred and Ann Stottlemyer – Charleston, West Virginia

The Stottlemyers lived just steps away from my boyhood home, and I received much of my earliest musical and artistic inspiration and exposure while spending time with the family.  To have my work hanging in their home is a tremendous honor for me!

Vania Cristina (Crissant) – Galicia, Spain / Brazil 

Last but not least, is the talented photographer/writer Crissant.  She and I had the chance to trade work recently, and I look forward to getting the piece framed and up on the wall.  She has a great presence on the web and examples of her work can be found HERE and HERE.

Until next Thursday, I want to wish each and every one of you a great weekend.  Thank you all for your continued support and inspiration, I could not do it without you!

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