A New Shirt and a Great Market Day!

The new batch of white Tee shirts are now available!  This white shirt is the same premium quality as my previous black one.  They are butter-soft and pre-shrunk, and you can check out the sizing chart on the Anvil site.  As with the black ones, I have done a very limited run of this design, and I will not repeat it.  Once they are gone, they’re gone!

They are $20.00 US plus $5.00 shipping, and I ship them worldwide!


Last Saturday’s market at ArtBeat turned out to be a great day.  The public was out in full force and sales were brisk.  I made a big mistake and didn’t bring enough water with me for the tent, and by the end of a very long 8 hour day, I was almost delirious with heat stroke.  It was a good lesson learned, and now I know better for future markets during the peak of the summer.
A big Thank You goes out to all who stopped by the tent and chatted with me.  It’s always a pleasure to meet new fans of my work.  This blog is updated every Thursday, so please stay in touch!
My plan is to do at least one more market next month in Winchester, MA, then I will have to see what the rest of the year’s schedule looks like. 
I have a new post up on the WallSpin blog with some very nice photos from New York City.  Please hop over and take a look if you have a moment.
In the coming week, I will have some new activities to announce plus lots of new work to get started on.  I have three wood panels that I would like to get prepped and framed out, so that is at the top of my list of things to do.
I wish each and every one of you a fabulous weekend.  Thank you for stopping by and giving me your support!
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