Short and Sweet

A very short and sweet post tonight, and for once I have some very good news.  After a year of pounding the pavement and getting my name out there, I finally have some local gallery representation.

13Forest Gallery is located right down the road in Arlington MA and is home to some of the best artists in the Boston area.  I am very grateful to have a good selection of my pieces under their care.  They have a nice clean website and my page can be found here.

In other news, I got a text from one of my local landscaper friends yesterday.  He is in need of help on one of his jobs, and today, I spent a very grueling day in the sun pulling weeds and digging tree stumps.  I haven’t been this tired or this sore for over 3 years.  The call for work came at just the right time, as money is kind of tight right now.  So you see, the universe always has a way of smiling just when we need it.  

I will be out of the studio until at least next Tuesday, then I will be able to get back to my new projects – some very nice wood panels that I have just started to prep.

I still have a good number of my two tee shirt designs left.  A lot of you have made a purchase, and I thank you, but if you haven’t, please show your support.  They are the finest quality and very limited.  I did very short runs of both of these designs, and I will not repeat them.  Once they are gone, they are gone.

Until next week, I wish all of you a great weekend.  As always, I want to thank each and every one of you for stopping by here!  Take care, all!

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