A Very Dirty Boy

Last week I talked briefly about being out of the studio due to some extra work that I picked up.  The above photo shows me after a very long and dirty day in the sun digging tree stumps, removing brush and pulling weeds.

I have always enjoyed physical work for more than one reason.  Even though it can be extremely difficult, it also tends to be repetitive.  Once I get into the rhythm of the job, I can let my mind wander to someplace completely different.  This is when some of my best thinking and creative ponderings  have happened.  All in all, I would rather be in the studio with the brushes, but I can’t complain for the opportunity to do something different.

I’ve only been in the studio one day this week, but I was able to start on some new projects.  The painted table that I showed all of you two posts ago was delivered this past weekend, so I am now able to focus on what I want to work on next.

I worked on a new 5″ x5″ design and started on a round canvas that I have been holding onto for some time.  I also have 5 new wood panels that I have been prepping before painting.  They will be my next area of focus.

In the middle of all these projects and other work, I have managed to keep up with my guest writing for the Zatista Wall Spin blog.  It’s something that I enjoy doing, and it allows me to step away from my own blog to talk about subjects that I wouldn’t normally expand on.  On top of that, it puts a few dollars into my pocket, which is a good thing!

This time around, I talk about Cape Cod, which I have the privilege of living near.  Please check it out here.

Next week, I will have some exciting things to announce.  I have already left you a clue in the above photos.  Remember the game “Which One Does Not Belong?”  See if you can spot it.

Until then, thank you for your visit here.  As always, I always post studio photos during the week over at my Facebook Fan Page, so if you don’t follow, please do.

Have a great weekend, all!

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