Friendship and Gratitude!

Where would we all be without our friends?  This week’s post is dedicated to some of my favorite artistic souls that I know from the net.

I came to know Douglas Hoover via the very talented Manon Doyle.  He is an extremely gifted artist living in North Carolina.  His style is unmistakable.  If you want a little taste of the coastal life, you can pre-order his 2012 calendars here.

Douglas, the black shirt suits you well, and the photo is iconic.  Thank you!

Brad Thome from Transcend Designs lives in New Jersey, and is another one of my favorite artists from the web.  He and his wife Kiki are beautiful souls, and I am fortunate to know them.  If you are not familiar with them and their work, please give them a look.

The shirt looks great, Brad, and I love the combination of the sunflowers and the gaze to the sky.  Thank you!

The beautiful and talented Marilyn Machado lives in Florida, and handcrafts some of the most unique jewelry that I have ever seen.  I myself haven’t worn a piece of jewelry for over 20 years, but when I saw some of her most recent work, I asked her if she could do a special piece for me.  Today, I received the finished necklace, and I couldn’t be any happier.

Marilyn has two online shops Here and Here.  Please give her a visit.

Marilyn, I’m wearing my new necklace as I write this, and the energy of the piece is very healing.  Namaste, my dear friend!

Finally, here is a shot from the studio today.  Last week, I talked about having some difficulties with this wood panel.  I went ahead and decided to do away with the blue and do my normal stark black background.  I am much happier with it now but would still like to do some further exploration in future panels.  This one isn’t 100% finished yet.  It needs a couple of hours of fine detail work and then varnishing.

So, there you go, another week has come and gone.  Until next Thursday, I wish each and every one of you a fabulous weekend!  Thank you for your continued support!

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