Vernon Street Open Studios – Autumn 2011

This week has been spent getting ready for this weekend’s open studio event at Vernon Street.  I completed all of my painting work yesterday, and most of the final preparations were done today.

Miss G and I are sharing the studio, and this will be our last official event in Massachusetts before we move to Vermont in 4 weeks.  So, as you can guess, after this weekend, we are going to be very busy packing our belongings up.  As I said last week, it’s a bittersweet feeling leaving the area, and I am especially going to miss all of my friends at Vernon Street Studios.

I will be posting photos to my Facebook pages this weekend, so if you get a chance, please check in.

I woke up to a great surprise this morning:  One of the other guest writers on the Zatista Wall Spin blog featured me in her most recent post.  Whenever something like this happens, I am very humbled.  It’s nice to be acknowledged in such a manner, and I really, really appreciate it.  You can read the post HERE.

With that, I leave you until next Thursday.  If you are in the area this weekend, please stop by the studios, I would love to see you.  Have a great weekend all!

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