Loss and Found

This past weekend’s Open Studios event at Vernon Street was a complete success.  It was our last official event in the Boston area before leaving the area, and it was nice to go out on such a strong note.

We had our best sales date in over a year, and we enjoyed having the opportunity to see many familiar faces as well as meeting many new supporters of our work.

You can see more photos from the weekend HERE


Now comes the hard part – packing up the studio in preparation for the move in less than 3 weeks.

I’m going to miss Vernon Street and all the great people that I have had a chance to meet and befriend.  I’m also going to miss having a stand-alone studio to work in.  After the move, I will have to work out of the house for the time being.  At least until I can find another work space.

Even though I am going to miss elements of Boston and the whole sense of routine that I have set up here, I am very much looking forward to establishing myself in the art community of Vermont.

Miss G and I are traveling back to Rutland this weekend to drop off some of our work for an upcoming show at the Chaffee Art Center.  We are very pleased to already have opportunities awaiting us – even before we are moved up there.  I will have more information and photos after the exhibition goes up.

Until next week, I want to thank everyone that stopped by at Open Studios last weekend, and for those of you who make a point to stop by here every week.  Enjoy and have a great weekend!

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