Thanksgiving 2011 and Beyond

Today in the United States and Canada, it’s the holiday of Thanksgiving.  Miss G and I spent the day packing in preparation for the big move on Monday.  We are slowly chipping away at things, and by moving day, we should be all set.

My next blog post will be my first one from Rutland, Vermont.  It’s a city rich in history, and I can’t wait to explore my new surroundings.  I will be very happy when the stress of the move is done, and I can start to focus on 2012.

I am going to miss certain things about the Boston area, mainly Vernon Street Studios and all of the kind and generous people that I have had the opportunity to meet.  It’s never easy to leave people that you’ve become close to, but knowing that we will keep in touch brings me peace.

In case you missed it, I have a new post on the Wall Spin blog this week.  It’s entitled Art With an Agenda, and in it, I talk about the relationship between advertising and art.  If you have a second, jump on over and take a quick look.

After the move and in the coming weeks, there will be a lot of new news to report on.  I want to apologize to all of you whose blogs I have been a little less regular with.  I promise to get back into a regular routine of visiting and commenting as soon as the dust settles.

Until next Thursday, I want to wish all of you a great holiday (for the ones celebrating) and a great weekend to everyone else.  Thank you for your loyal support and inspiration!

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