Members’ Show Opening at the Southern Vermont Arts Center and a New Week in the Studio

Vermont is a state with unparalleled beauty, and it’s no surprise that most local artists chose to represent this beauty via landscapes and still life works.  Before moving up here, it never even crossed my mind that, I, as an abstract painter, would be the odd man out of the bunch.

I’ve thought about it, and actually, I am very grateful.  It takes many artists a whole lifetime to develop a recognizable style, and the fact that my work sticks out like a sore thumb in most spots is a very positive thing.

On the downside, this might mean that my target audience/clientele might be a little harder to find, but I have great confidence that that group of people is out there.

My work is very much influenced by the natural world, and my past career in horticulture and my love of the sciences is stamped strongly into every new piece. It never surprises me when one of my best fans turns out to be a mathematician or research scientist.  They truly seem to understand and appreciate my work like no one else does.

The show at the Chaffee Art Center came down last week, so I have all of my panels back now.  My plan is to rework the final glaze on all of them and go for more of a satin finish vs. a matte one.

I also have two new panels on the table all ready to go.  I usually have to lay them out and stare at them for a few days before I come up with a direction, and by next week, I should have something new to show all of you.

Until next Thursday, I wish each of you a fabulous week!  Thank you for stopping by!

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