Vermont Artist Brian Sylvester Featured on Artsy Shark Website and Other Studio News

It’s been a busy couple of weeks since I last reported here from the studios of, and a lot has been going on.

Last week, I was pleased to learn that I was the featured artist on the Artsy Shark website. It’s a nice write up, and if you are interested  in a little more about who I am and why I paint, please give it a read.  Many thanks goes out to Caroly Edlund, who runs the site for giving me this excellent opportunity for exposure.

Back in the “real” world, I have had to take on some extra work to help supplement my art career.  I have been doing stonework, and imagine my surprise when one of my first projects to be involved in was the above circular pattern.  
Believe it or not, this pattern is actually a basketball court that the homeowner wanted to construct out of brick pavers.  While I am not a sports fan, I was happy to help construct this very “mandala like” piece of permanence.  
The fact that I am out most of the week hauling brick means that my studio and writing time has been cut back drastically.  I would like to extend my apologies to all of my faithful followers for being lax in my blogposts, but please know that this situation is not a permanent one.  
Back in the studio, I have been working on finishing the second 24″ x 24″ of the above diptych.  I have a submission deadline this weekend for a member’s show at the Chaffee Art Center, so I only have a few days to get things finished.  I haven’t decided whether I will go horizontal or vertical with the final orientation, and I will have to wait until I’m a little further along to make this decision.
In the next couple of weeks I promise to have photos of the Chaffee exhibition as well as my current hanging at the Southern Vermont Arts Center.  
Finally, I continue to do my regular posts over at the Wall Spin blog, and if you haven’t visited in the past couple of weeks, I have put up a new artist interview as well as some features about mirrors and shadows in art.  If you need to round out your day with some thought provoking essays about the art world, please give them a read.  
Until next week’s post, thank you for your continued support as I make it through this latest transition.  
Take care!
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