New Mural Goes Up in Rutland Vermont

If you follow my Facebook pages, you may be aware that I started on a mural project this past week in downtown Rutland, Vermont, and that I have been given the unique opportunity to work with Peruvian artist Persi Narvaez Machicao.  Persi is currently the artist-in-residence at the Chaffee Art Center, and will be in town for the next couple of weeks to complete the mural.

The mural is going on one of the back walls of the historic Opera House and 100% of the work will be done from a mechanical lift.  Persi and I share the same calm, relaxed personalities, so spending hours together in a basket 50 or so feet above the pavement has not been a problem, and neither has the fact that we don’t speak the same language. As Persi said on FB last week “el arte mueve montanas” or art moves mountains!

The design is Persi’s and depicts a still life of fruits and vegetables, which is fitting, because the mural site is right next to the spot where Rutland’s weekly farmer’s market is held. Persi’s style is bright, bold and unique, and once the piece is finished, it will be a welcome addition to help herald in Rutland’s revitalization.

As you can see from the sequence of photos, the first step was to put down a white base coat on the wall. Then, we spent two days with the layout, which included first doing an initial sketch, first in chalk and then in permanent marker.  We are now in the process of outlining the whole design with black paint.

It should take another week or two to complete the mural, and there will be a grand-opening ceremony next month.  I will be posting daily progress photos on my Facebook pages and will be doing weekly reports via this blog.  Please stay tuned!  It’s turning out to be a very productive summer!

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