About Brian

Brian SylvesterBrian has lived in many cities in America and abroad, most recently settling in Vermont where his work has already appeared in several public and private venues.

His paintings have found happy homes in the Netherlands, Spain, Brazil, Hungary, Greece, Denmark, Australia and all across the United States.

His background in horticulture and love of Eastern philosophies and aesthetics continue to inform his work, in which the geometries of the natural and the manmade world come together.

With dimensions ranging from 5 x 5 inches to 36 x 36 inches on canvas, and 16 x 20 to 24 x 48 inches on wood panel, Brian’s mandala paintings have a calming harmonious effect ideal for any interior, be it a business or residence seeking a unique decorative feature in a common room, or a focal point for personal meditation.

His bright colors and deceptively simple patterns draw the viewer in and take on more depth and complexity the more you look at them, literally coming to life before your eyes.

Brian’s work is for sale online, and he welcomes comments, custom work and commissions.