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What a Difference!

It’s finally starting to look and feel like spring here in New England.  It’s seems like it was only a couple of weeks ago that we were knee deep in snow.  I was out walking today, and my favorite tree looks much different that it did when I talked about it last.  Things are shaping […]

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O Blogger, Where Art Thou?

Blogger has been having some major issues over the past few days.  I have heard horror stories of posts and comments being lost, but I’m going to take a chance and post anyway.  I’m a day late from my usual Thursday post, but I’m sure you all understand. It’s been almost two weeks since Somerville […]

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Somerville Museum Opening, Wall Spin and New Works

The opening reception this past Friday at the Somerville Museum was great!  The show entitled Artist’s Choice is a chance for the public to preview some of the artists participating in the upcoming Open Studios weekend. With close to 400 artists participating, the event is the largest open studio activity in the United States, and […]

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Gearing Up and Getting Ready

In just 16 days, Vernon Street Studios will be swimming with hundreds and hundreds of eager art lovers.  Somerville Open Studios is one of the first major events of spring and one of the biggest art events of the year. The studio building in which Gabriella and I do our work is one of the largest […]

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Mandalas, mandalas, mandalas!

The week ended on a good note.  I finished up the wood panel that I have been working on and dropped it off at the Somerville Museum this evening.  The Artist’s Choice Exhibit will be running from April 15 to May 13, and is a showcase for some of the local artists that will be taking […]

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Into April

My newest guest post on the Wall Spin blog went up this week, and it’s entitled Journey to the East.  I have always been influenced by art from the East, and in the post, I talk about this influence. Please take five minutes to hop over there and give it a read.  You can also […]

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Ripples, Echoes and Wrinkles

Ripple – Acrylic and Oil 16″ x 16″ It’s been a tough week here, but the only thing I can do is move forward and hope for better times ahead.  My focus in the studio this week was the above canvas and the wood panel that I have been working on.  The panel will be […]

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Community and Camaraderie!

One of the things I love most about blogging is the sense of community that I think it helps build.  The Internet allows us all to connect in a way that was once not possible, and while I appreciate this, I also long for face to face connections with my fellow artists as well. My […]

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Week 10 – Fire in the Belly

It’s been another busy week here in Studio 6A of Vernon Street.  Since last Thursday’s post, I started a couple of new projects – a new wood panel and a small table for my friends Barbara and Stephen. The wood panel is 24″ x 48″ (61cm x 121.9cm) and will be displayed in the Somerville […]

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