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Mingo Gallery Opening – December 17, 2010

After much patience and anticipation, I am very happy to report that last night’s opening at the Mingo Gallery, was by far, the most successful event of the year.  At times, there were almost 200 people in the room, and the energy and enthusiasm were magic. The show will be up until February 5, so you […]

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Go Figure! and The Final Four

I am planning on four more posts to round off the year – a short one today, then one this Saturday to give an account of the opening at the Mingo Gallery on Friday.  Then one next Thursday, and then a very special surprise for the final post of the year on the 30th. I […]

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Charity and Abundance

The first full week back in the studio since the holiday, and I’m slowly starting to get back into the swing of things.  I do admit that I did feel a slight void after unloading most of my inventory, but I think it will lead to new developments as time goes on. The big “Winter […]

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Salon Indigo Opening

As promised, here are some photos from last night’s opening at Salon Indigo.  What a wonderful event we had!  Thank you Stephanie for your kindness and support, and thanks to all that showed up.  It was a pleasure to meet everyone! The canvases will be up for one year and everything is for sale.  I […]

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Road Report: Thanksgiving and Salon Indigo

Today is Thanksgiving here in the States.  Miss G and I are on the road visiting my family.  I haven’t seen everyone in a couple of years, so it was well worth the 13 hours of driving that it took to get here. It was almost 80F (26.6C) on the way down, but it got […]

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Flurry Into Fall

I took a lot of photos this week as I was walking to and from the studio.  I wanted to give you all a sense of what the landscape in New England looks like now.  As Autumn makes its last stretch into Winter, everything starts to get barren.  There are a couple trees that are […]

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Vernon Street Open Studios and Pending Projects

What a fabulous weekend we had!  Right off the bat, I want to give a very special thank you to Barbara, Stephen, William, Gee and John.  All of you are true patrons of the arts, and without support and encouragement like yours, I would be stuck back in a cubicle somewhere. Vernon Street Open Studios […]

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November and Beyond

It’s official.  The end of the outdoor market season here in Boston was this past Sunday.  SoWa has a yearly Halloween blow-out that includes vendor and public costume contests.  Miss G and I did our best to look spooky and have as much fun as possible. Because of all the revelry and distractions, the public wasn’t really in […]

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Looking Back to Move Forward

I’ve had a lot of comments about this piece lately, and I decided to bring it to the studio today and take some proper photographs of it.  It also got me to thinking about where I am going and where I have been. The Ra Bat was done in July of 2009 when I was […]

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