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A Very Dirty Boy

Last week I talked briefly about being out of the studio due to some extra work that I picked up.  The above photo shows me after a very long and dirty day in the sun digging tree stumps, removing brush and pulling weeds. I have always enjoyed physical work for more than one reason.  Even […]

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Fashion Statement

Just in time for summer, my first run of custom tee shirts has arrived.  These shirts are a quality Anvil combed ring spun cotton and were silk screened locally by the masters at Hemlock Ink.  I am very pleased with the results!  A very big thanks to Jason from who did the photography for me. This first run […]

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Home Is Where The Heart Is

As promised, this week’s post is a tribute to all of the generous souls that have chosen to have my work in their homes. It’s not often that I get to see my canvases after they leave my hands, and I thought it would be a great idea to create an album showing their final […]

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Into April

My newest guest post on the Wall Spin blog went up this week, and it’s entitled Journey to the East.  I have always been influenced by art from the East, and in the post, I talk about this influence. Please take five minutes to hop over there and give it a read.  You can also […]

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Community and Camaraderie!

One of the things I love most about blogging is the sense of community that I think it helps build.  The Internet allows us all to connect in a way that was once not possible, and while I appreciate this, I also long for face to face connections with my fellow artists as well. My […]

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Week 10 – Fire in the Belly

It’s been another busy week here in Studio 6A of Vernon Street.  Since last Thursday’s post, I started a couple of new projects – a new wood panel and a small table for my friends Barbara and Stephen. The wood panel is 24″ x 48″ (61cm x 121.9cm) and will be displayed in the Somerville […]

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Full Steam Ahead

As I silently slipped into my 43rd year this week,  I rewound in my mind all that is happened in the past year.  Yes, I did this briefly on January 1st as well, but this is always a little different. If I were to summarize all of my years, I can firmly say that the […]

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Moving Ahead and Rebirth

I post the above photo especially for my good friends Manon Doyle and Douglas Hoover. There is nothing better than a fresh shipment of supplies.  I like the purity of new canvases, and having them on the walls helps me visualize and formulate goals. The week was spent finishing up the second canvas of the […]

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Week 2 – Blizzard 2

Winter storms in New England are nothing new, but the storm that we just had today is one of the biggest snowfalls that I have ever seen in my lifetime.  The lovely Miss G posted some beautiful photos in her post today, so please take a look after you finish here. What did I do?  Well, […]

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On a Strong Note and Into the New Year!

No, not my finest video moment, but it’s from the heart! As I sit down to write this, my head is swimming with the year that has just passed by.  I took an hour the other night to go back through all of my blog posts from this year, and it amazes me all that […]

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