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Cape Cod / Mini Mandalas / Artbeat / Wall Spin

Miss G and I returned from a short trip to Provincetown, which is at the very end of Cape Cod yesterday.  It was my first trip to the Cape and the first time I’ve been in the ocean for a very long time.  It was nice to escape the city for a few days, but […]

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Stepping Away to Step Forward

Sometimes the best way to figure out what you have been missing or where you need to go is to pull yourself away from your normal setting and routine.  Gabriella and I had a great trip to Brattleboro, Vermont this past weekend, and I came back with a fresh sense of purpose.   I have […]

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What a Difference!

It’s finally starting to look and feel like spring here in New England.  It’s seems like it was only a couple of weeks ago that we were knee deep in snow.  I was out walking today, and my favorite tree looks much different that it did when I talked about it last.  Things are shaping […]

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Gearing Up and Getting Ready

In just 16 days, Vernon Street Studios will be swimming with hundreds and hundreds of eager art lovers.  Somerville Open Studios is one of the first major events of spring and one of the biggest art events of the year. The studio building in which Gabriella and I do our work is one of the largest […]

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Mandalas, mandalas, mandalas!

The week ended on a good note.  I finished up the wood panel that I have been working on and dropped it off at the Somerville Museum this evening.  The Artist’s Choice Exhibit will be running from April 15 to May 13, and is a showcase for some of the local artists that will be taking […]

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Community and Camaraderie!

One of the things I love most about blogging is the sense of community that I think it helps build.  The Internet allows us all to connect in a way that was once not possible, and while I appreciate this, I also long for face to face connections with my fellow artists as well. My […]

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November and Beyond

It’s official.  The end of the outdoor market season here in Boston was this past Sunday.  SoWa has a yearly Halloween blow-out that includes vendor and public costume contests.  Miss G and I did our best to look spooky and have as much fun as possible. Because of all the revelry and distractions, the public wasn’t really in […]

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Looking Back to Move Forward

I’ve had a lot of comments about this piece lately, and I decided to bring it to the studio today and take some proper photographs of it.  It also got me to thinking about where I am going and where I have been. The Ra Bat was done in July of 2009 when I was […]

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An Epiphany Away From Darkness

This was the view from the tent at last week’s market at SoWa.  I could sit and stare at this crisp blue sky and stark lines of the building for hours – and I did.  It’s simple things like this that make me happy. I love the Autumn, because everything starts to slow down, the […]

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