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Good Friends, Inspiration and Renewed Focus

Yesterday, Gabriella and I received our copy of Alemao! Caio Fernandez, the gifted Brazilian painter and writer has been a strong influence on me for some time now, and he has helped me along in my pursuits as an artist.It seems like it was just a couple months ago that he decided to write his first novel, […]

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The Cold and Structured Work of Brian Sylvester

Are you kidding me? I received a puzzling “critique” over the past week, and while I can understand the STRUCTURED part of it, for the life of me, I can’t figure out where the COLD came from.  True, I come from an industry in which uniformity was a must, but when was 16 hectares of flora […]

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Expose Yourself To Art

Does anybody remember this old poster?  The parents of one of my best friends had it hanging in their house when I was young, and the image has stuck with me up to present day. Why do I bring this up?  After Gabriella and I did our first big market this past Sunday, I decided […]

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Autumn Calls

A lot of good progress this week!  After looking at the chair for a week, I started with the layout and initial painting yesterday. The process has been different for me in many ways.  I had thought that because of the nature of the project, that I might approach the design differently.  Instead, I am […]

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Cooperation and Collaboration

Wow!  What a crazy and insane week it has been.  I’m almost to the point of saturation with the amount of things that I need to get done in the next couple of weeks. The main event will be dates at the SoWa Market, which is Boston’s premiere “art and indie design market.”  We have […]

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Less than three more weeks until the first market date at SoWa, and a lot of time has been spent doing business-type activities.  I admit, not my  favorite thing to do, but I know that these things are a necessity.  There has been a real shift in the direction of my work since the show […]

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And The Winner Is…

Today was giveaway day here at the Inkpunk Artworks studio. I had help from my two lovely assistants – Gabriella and Little P. Little P did her best to validate and make sure the names were in the hat properly and that everything was legal and on the up and up, and Gabriella let her […]

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